Digital Real Estate: How to do it? Worth it?

Having a digital real estate company has become one of the most plausible possibilities of this era when everything is brought online.

It is common to want to transform conventional processes into, now, digital processes. And during this journey, many doubts end up arising. Including questions related to functionality and performance of the infamous online environment.

It is common for brokers or real estate owners to question whether or not it is worth migrating conventional services to online environments.

There are those who believe that the world will only be online from now on. But, this should not be taken into account in full. After all, digital only exists because of analog. And online, only exists because of offline.

From this point of view, blue world city Lahore will help you build your real estate’s digital sector, in a professional, planned and focused way in the search for results.

Thus, you avoid a series of problems and your focus can be exclusively on your reality and your prospects. We will understand everything below.

Come on?

Digital Real Estate: Is it worth doing?

Doing a digital real estate doesn’t have to be a biggie.

Of course, for those who have never had contact with the environment, some things can be a little more difficult to understand. But, don’t be scared. We will help you to understand in a logical and rational way the process to build your real estate focused on the online .

Or, at the very least, dedicate a part of the team to being ahead of the proposal.

The truth is that today, being present digitally is much more than a trend or an innovation. It is essential for your brand to grow and gain more relevance.

Online is not a simple tool. But yes, it’s a way of life. People are online all the time. And learning how to lead your real estate company along these paths is essential for participating, then, in people’s lives.

Therefore, much more than being worth it, being present digitally is synonymous with growing your business. And to help you, we have separated a step by step so that you can start this process as soon as possible. Or, improve it, if that’s your case.

Follow up.

How to make a digital real estate – Step by step

To create a digital real estate or even take yours online, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. In fact, you will need very few tools.

However, these tools will require a great deal of energy to fit and align with your business plan .

As with any other process or change in habits, you need to understand that nothing will happen overnight. It is necessary to work with the time factor and interpret the long term as the “final destination” of the project.

You need to have a very clear objective for each tool and, based on that, follow the growth. We have four steps that you can start putting into practice today. Look:

  • Having a responsive and well-structured website is the start of everything;
  • You need a professional real estate CRMthat meets your realities;
  • It is necessary to create a digital culture in real estate;
  • Train your team very well so that they know how to deal with technologies;

Do not worry. We’ll talk about each of these items from now on. This way, you will have much more confidence and understand each step better. Come on?

Having a responsive and well-structured website is the start of everything

The first step to enter the online world once and for all is to have a responsive website for your real estate agency . It may seem outdated to have a website. After all, with the arrival of social media, it’s easier and easier to connect with people, isn’t it?

However, a website is much more than synonymous with being online.

Having a responsive and dedicated website for your real estate is a way to acquire a very powerful asset for your business. And, as you know, having assets is what will make any business plan prosper.

Unlike a social network that, despite its excellent contribution to a digital real estate, does not offer security and long-term vision.

Think about this: imagine that overnight, your best social network, with the most followers and engagement, goes off the air. Whether due to company bankruptcy, closure of activities or any other reason.

In this case, you just lost contact with your followers, as you were dependent on the social network for that. And with that, everything I had planned on the social network ends up going down the drain as well.

And a good site arises just so you don’t have this problem. The site is yours. The media is yours. Control is yours and, above all, you have the possibility to innovate however you want.

Because it is from the real estate website that you will be able to host and offer your rental, sale and document processes.

You need a professional real estate CRM that meets your realities

The second step is to have a good real estate CRM system .

Integrated with your website or digital trading environment, CRM will be able to manage, optimize and produce results automatically.

This system is capable of storing data, prioritizing sales, categorizing customers, indicating documents and alerting for renewals and expirations.

In other words, it’s a job you’ll have to do anyway. But, having the help of a “robot” is what will let your real estate work and pay according to the speed of the digital world.

Think that being online is, having in your hands, the power to reach as many and as many people as you want. And generating this amount of business can be a big challenge. Especially if you don’t have the right tools.

And, if something gets out of control, it will be very easy for you to feel that you need to “give up” the digital. When in fact, all you need is management and optimization more suited to the new reality.

And a good real estate CRM can offer all of that, so you can focus on what’s most important: strategies, prospecting and sales.

It is necessary to create a digital culture in real estate

The third step is to start thinking of digital more as a culture than as a tool or a business opportunity.

As we mentioned earlier, this movement is not just a trend that comes and goes. Digital has become a way of life and will be around for a long time (not to say forever).

So, you need to adapt to this and understand that your business needs to work thinking about online as well. After all, people are connected all the time.

For a simple search or query, people open Google. Check who’s birthday, people open Facebook. To watch a class or a tutorial, YouTube is available to everyone.

And all of this happens practically automatically. In other words, nowadays the internet is part of who people are. Unlike a few years ago, where being connected was a novelty and time was reserved for “surfing the internet”.

Today, this is automatic, all the time and practically robotically.

And placing your real estate brand in this world is more than important to strengthen ties with the consumer. A digital real estate company is able to be in people’s lives so that, in the long run, good deals can arise. And for that, creating a digital culture internally among your team is essential.

Look at the digital fondly.

Train your team very well so that they know how to deal with digital

And finally, something that often ends up going unnoticed: training your real estate team . As we mentioned earlier, creating a digital culture is critical.

After all, it takes a lot more than knowing how to use one or another tool. Because it’s not about tools. It’s about lifestyle.

It is necessary to understand the behavior of consumers in the real estate market , understand their needs and anxieties and, with that, build value so that business can arise.

In addition, you should have very well-founded digital strategies based on clear, logical goals.

As we mentioned earlier, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Use what works and what already exists. And making your team qualified for this process is, without a doubt, a very important investment.

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What are the advantages of making a digital real estate agency?

Building a digital real estate agency is one of the most important steps you can take. After all, digital is here to stay. And being present in this environment is essential. But, what can really change in your company, if you choose to start activities in the digital field?

We will understand some points below, see:

  • Practicality, flexibility and less bureaucracy;
  • Brand strengthening – Brandingin digital channels;
  • Wide possibilities for business expansion;
  • Resource optimization;
  • Much more data and information security;

We’ll talk about each of them in detail so you can understand before you get down to business. So, keep reading.

Practicality, flexibility and less bureaucracy

Everyone wants to have a business that is practical and flexible for managers and customers.

After all, this is often what guarantees good business and financial prosperity. And being online is, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives for you to achieve these goals.

Being online makes your real estate agency able to offer processes that are more agile, faster, without displacements and everything in the palm of the prospect’s hand. And this, in itself, is already an incredible differential over the competition.

Brand Strengthening – Branding in digital channels

The second aspect that makes your real estate’s online presence a competitive advantage is brand strengthening. After all, people are connected all the time. Whether through social networks or doing searches on Google and YouTube.

And being in the middle of these channels is what will make your brand stronger, as you will be actively participating in people’s lives. And when you help them in some way, the power will be even greater. Like for example, when you use content marketing to your advantage, which is a way to capture the attention of prospects by helping them with something.

Wide possibilities for business expansion

The digital environment means that your real estate agency can have a very large growth projection.

After all, there are different types of audiences on the internet. And having a digital real estate allows you to reach these audiences in very agile, practical and instantaneous ways.

And this, when placed in a medium and long term plan, can mean an exponential growth of your business. Because, over time, each prospect captured may become a customer. And, with that, the company’s revenue ends up growing as well.

We’ve already written here how to capture real estate leads in a professional way so that your real estate company can grow digitally.

Resource optimization

Another excellent advantage of having a digital real estate agency is the issue of resource optimization.

When online, you save on physical space and even fixed bills (such as electricity and rent). After all, being connected is what matters. And having contact with prospects in a professional way is all you need.

You can even have a completely remote team, optimizing different types of expenses.

Much more data and information security

And finally, being online is also synonymous with information security.

Whether implementing an SSL on your website , or even storing files in the cloud. All of this makes the transition of data and information completely confidential. Therefore, the chances of losing files are relatively small.

You can count on Ville Imob to help your real estate get digital. We have specialized services and products so that you can take this step with professionalism and security.


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