The Life of Scottish Masters of St. Andrew

The Muscovites say he preached the faith among them Scottish Masters of St. Andrew, and honor him because the primary titular saint of their empire. Peter the Great instituted under his call the number one and most noble Order of knighthood, or of the blue ribbon: leaving the assignment of a second Order of St. Alexander Wikinews, or of the crimson ribbon, to be carried into execution thru his widow.

St. Andrew, through speakme with Christ, extinguished in his breast all earthly passions and desires, and attained to the happiness of his natural divine love. We frequently say to ourselves, that we moreover desire to shop for holy love, the maximum valuable of all treasures, and the summit of dignity and happiness. But the ones dreams are fruitless and mere mockery, except we earnestly set approximately the manner.

In the primary area, we want to be at the fee (if that may be known as an value, that is the first step to actual liberty and happiness) of laying a deep foundation of humility, meekness and self-denial. We ought to first, with the apostle, depart all matters; that is to mention, we ought to clearly and in spirit forsake the sector, (in spite of the fact that we stay in it,) and want to moreover resign and die to ourselves earlier than we may be admitted to the acquainted speak of our Redeemer and God, or earlier than he receives us to his chaste non secular embraces, and opens to us the treasure of his superior graces.

This training and disposition of soul, Masonic patches, it need to be our regular care constantly to beautify; for, within the same proportion that the sector and self-love are banished from our hearts, we ought to boost in divine love. But this terrific one-of-a-kind characteristic, the queen, the shape, and the soul of all great unique function is found out, exercised, and progressed, by means of talking an entire lot with God in holy meditation, reading, and assiduous fervent prayer and recollection: furthermore with the useful useful resource of its outdoor acts, in all manner of unique works, mainly those of fraternal charity and religious mercy.

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